Daisy MacGowan


Work With Me

Book Illustration

I am currently available to work on children’s books. I have experience in this field and would be happy to collaborate with you on a project. My prices vary based on the length and number of illustrations of the work but start at £500.

If you are sending your work to a publisher, please feel free to suggest my work however bare in mind that most will have their own illustrators they prefer to work with. For this reason I cannot provide any work up front for this kind of project.

Please get in touch with:

  • A synopsis of your text or preferably the finished text
  • A CV or other description of your previous work
  • The age range and audience your work is for
  • The length of the project – most picture books are 32 pages
  • Your budget for the project

Blog Editorial Illustration

Ever looked at a magazine or newspaper and admired the bespoke editorial illustrations? Well you can achieve the same effect for your blog. Illustrations start at £25 depending on the level of detail and size.

Please get in touch with:

  • A link to your website
  • Who your target market is
  • The required size of your featured image in px
  • An example of the work you would like illustrated (preferably the full text)

Public Engagement / Outreach

I have experience working with institutions to create illustrated materials for their public outreach programs. The advantage of having these created by a professional illustrator rather than buying stock art is that you can ensure that you have the exact content that you need to reach your audience. A single illustrator will also achieve a level of coherency across your materials that can’t be matched.

Winner of the Brian Cox Public Engagement Prize 2018 (University of Dundee)

Prices vary depending on the number, detail and usage of the illustrations so please do get in touch for a quote.

Please get in touch with:

  • A synopsis of the project or program
  • A list of illustrations that you would like (can be rough)
  • Your target audience
  • Your budget for the project